Having taken an extended break from our street scouting (blame exams) we're back, and a couple of things have changed since we've been gone. Just from browsing the various street style blogs there are, we realised that everyone is doung a really good job at scouting and representing the trendiest of the trendies, so we figured we might as well leave that for them to do!
Instead, we've decided to make our blog less focused on current street styles and trends, and 'broaden our horizons' a bit. From here on, we'd like to capture all types of quirky characters we see, not just your usual eye candy. This doesn't mean we'll be scouting for the 'individuals' (I think it's well understood nowadays that there is no such thing anymore...) but we're fascinated by the eclectic mix of 'tribes' and 'cliques' our city has hidden in all its nooks and crannies, and think it's high time these gems were well represented on the web! You won't come across photos of Camden's finest punks, or indeed any of the original Chelsea scooter boys (see below) on any style scouting blog, and for this reason we'd like to lose that title for our site, and become a blog where you can feast your eyes on a variety of rarer breeds of pretty things!
Consider Oh! You Pretty Things LDN a peek through keyholes you wouldn't normally look through, and perhaps creatures you wouldn't necessarily deem 'pretty'... So, in this instance, beauty is in the eye of the photographer. Innit.